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InterPoker is the most authentic online poker room on the Internet!  Part of the Cryptologic network renowned for it’s integrity, security, and cutting-edge software, InterPoker remains at the forefront of the industry as the Number One place to play online Poker.

Play against others around the world for free, or play for real money, secure in the knowledge that InterPoker considers your security our top priority.  We have extensive security measures in place monitoring the tables 24 hours a day, as well as the most advanced fraud prevention technology to make sure that your money is safe.

Integrity and Financial Strength
InterPoker provides a real time, fully immersive online poker room environment from the comfort of your own home. The self-upgrading software allows you to play in a currency that suits you, offering US Dollar, Sterling and Euro tables.

Using one of the most secure methods of Electronic Funds Transfer ever devised, our payout procedures deliver your winnings quickly and efficiently, while players can be assured of our fairness, honesty and corporate stability.

InterPoker is fully accountable for its gaming and business processes and we thank our clients for their respect and patronage. We do our best to deliver state of the art developments, including reliable financial transactions and friendly 24/7 customer support.

InterPoker truly is the only choice for the discerning poker player. Visit InterPoker

Multi table tournament schedule Click here for view

Monthly Bonus

Earn a $100 bonus every mounth!

InterPoker's most talked about monthly promotion has returned and for the month of February it's a whopping $100!

In order to qualify, a player must deposit $25 or more – this deposit will be immediately matched with a bonus of up to a $100.

Bonus requirements
The monthly match-deposit bonus will credit to your account as soon as you make your deposit, however you will not be able to use the funds in the poker room until the requirements are met.  Please see below for information on how to keep track of the requirements as you play.

To clear your bonus in poker you need to play 5 (five) times the bonus amount in raked hands. For example a $100 bonus will require only 500 raked hands to clear. 
A raked hand at InterPoker is defined as any hand where at least $1 (or £/€, depending on the table) is taken as rake. This is equivalent to a $20 pot (InterPoker takes 5% rake up to a maximum of $3 (or £/€, depending on the table)).

Every hand you are dealt cards and the total pot is $20 or more, a raked hand will be counted towards your bonus.  You do not have to contribute to the pot for the hand to be counted as raked.

Further to this, every hand you play where between $0.25 and $0.99 (or £/€, depending on the table) rake is taken will count as 1/4 (one quarter) of a raked hand.

How do I keep track of my raked hands?
Within the Cashier, you will find the "My Promotions" tab.  This section will display any bonuses received, what their requirements are, and will display your progress towards meeting these requirements.

You can also keep track of the number of hands you’ve played via MPPs (My Poker Points). MPPs are accumulated in exactly the same way as raked hands – so while you are sat at a table you can see exactly how many MPPs / Raked hands you’ve earned!

*PLEASE NOTE: The "My Promotions" counter will only display the number of raked hands you have completed (whole number), i.e. your 1/4 ranked hands will only show after you have completed a set of 4. While a player's 1/4 hands are counted, if a player has participated in 7 such hands then only 1 raked hand will be displayed under the "My Promotions" section. Keep in mind that immediately after a player has participated in their 8th quarter hand, 2 hands will be displayed.

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Multi table tournament schedule Click here for view

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