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It’s no exaggeration to say that BetheDealer [Btd] is a revolutionary concept in online casinos – and like many radical ideas, it’s simple: it allows the player to play as the dealer, rather than always having to play against the house.
This is done by a patent-pending Peer to Peer gaming platform that allows patrons to play against each other – it even allows you to be the dealer on slots! Of course, you also have the option of playing as a regular punter against the house – and the house edge is very slim, with what claims are the best casino payout percentages on the Internet.
Before you can play as a dealer, you must accumulate enough credit points and have sufficient funds in your account to cover the maximum win of your opponent. You earn one credit point for each $1 wagered as a Player, so you need to spend time as a Player before becoming a dealer. Credit points are assigned specifically to each game, so the number of credit points in roulette differs from the number of credit points in blackjack, etc. This is because the odds for playing are different from game to game. Once you have enough credits, there are different levels of games with incremental credit requirements, to cater to all budgets.

When playing as a Dealer, at the end of every round, a 1.5% commission is collected by the casino from the Dealer of the total bet amount (placed against the Dealer). When playing as a Player, there are no commissions.
Downloading takes around 15 minutes on a 56K connection, and the installation and signup process is a breeze.
The selection of games is basic, with just eight casino classics: Blackjack, Pai Gow poker, Slots, Baccarat, Roulette, Caribbean poker, Video poker and Casino war. Each game has player and dealer modes, and there are two progressive jackpots, with the slot jackpot starting at $250,000 and videopoker at $30,000.
The casino design is stunningly simple and well executed, with the minor quibble being that it takes two clicks to get back to the lobby from the game - aside from that, the immediacy and the clean, compact interface is excellent.
The lobby features a list of players online with information about whether they wish to be invited to join a game or not, and their game preferences. Added to that, you can text chat to your opponent, which all adds to the “live” atmosphere. In the eye candy stakes, the graphics are more Snickers bar than Belgian chocolate, but they do the job well.
The payout percentages are definitely up there with the highest I’ve seen on the Internet – with an overall payout percentage for August 2002 of 98.21%.
The site offers a 20% signup bonus up to $200 and 200% credit points. The conditions are that you must wager five times your initial deposit plus the bonus amount as the Player before you can withdraw the bonus. There’s also a daily tournament in which the biggest winners each day win an extra $200.
There is no phone, fax or chat support, but should you not find the answer you want on the FAQ section, the email support is very prompt and courteous.
The verdict: For any serious online casino player, a visit to BetheDealer [] is a must. Even without the concept of playing as the dealer, it’s a very good casino with great odds. But playing as the dealer gives a “live” feel and a buzz that no other casino on the Internet has so far matched. Highly recommended.

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